The Voice for Hospice and Palliative Care in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Hospice and Palliative Care Association (WiHPCA) is the only association representing hospice and palliative care providers in the state of Wisconsin. WiHPCA works to provide its members with vocation-specific education and networking opportunities as well as a voice for hospice patients and providers.  


In late 2017, in light of the national trend of improving access to palliative care and other serious illness management programs, a group of Wisconsin hospice and palliative care providers recognized the need for a unified voice at the Wisconsin state level.

For this reason, a steering committee was convened, and work began on the task of assessing the specific needs of hospice providers throughout the state. Through many conversations with organizations of various sizes and in all parts of Wisconsin, the steering committee determined that there was a strong need for a state organization and that this organization would be necessary to help provide a unified voice necessary to help programs advance, assist with vocation-specific education, and provide outreach and information to legislators, payers and regulators.  In 2019, WiHPCA was established to provide resources and support for provider members and to help promote public awareness of hospice and palliative care.


The Wisconsin Hospice and Palliative Care Association is committed to ensuring optimal outcomes and growing access to care for individuals facing life-limiting illness by supporting provider members with advocacy, education, strategic partnerships, and community support.


Our vision is for the new association to quickly grow to become an indispensable resource to Wisconsin hospices.


The goals of the Wisconsin Hospice and Palliative Care Association are:

  • Be a trusted source of information and knowledge amongst members, partners and the public
  • Be a central source for expertise and education
  • Advocate for policy and regulatory change that advances access to quality care
  • Build resources that support a strong and sustainable organization that meets both current and future member needs

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